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Home-made Cleaning Wipes

With a toddler running around and babysitting another I was always grabbing a baby wipe to clean up one mess or another.  This meant I was always running out of baby wipes, right when I needed them most…in the middle of a diaper change.  This got me thinking there must be another solution.

I hated using a dish cloth, I never feel like the surfaces I’m trying to clean ever really got clean.  I liked the immediate use of the baby wipes…and so began my search.  I googled home-made wipes and found a bunch of recipes for them.  There were wipes for baby bottoms and others for general cleaning.  Since my daughter has sensitive skin I didn’t want to change the wipes I use on her, but was quite content to try some home-made cleaning for my general cleaning.

I found a simple recipe that was 1 part water, 1 part vinegar. Depending on your likes, you can mix this in any ratio that you like, but the one to one worked best for me.  At first I tried it in a spray bottle and just used a piece of paper towel as my cloth and it worked well enough, but I still preferred the “ready to go” baby wipes so I experimented some more and made my own.

I had an old baby wipe container so I decided to use that as my container and tried to fold them in various ways to make them pop up.  I never really found the perfect way, so I just folded them and placed them in and just pick one out as I need them.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get them to “pop” I’d love to hear from you.

The cost…when I buy my supplies using a coupon added to the sale price, the wipes work out to be a penny a wipe.  Buying the supplies at full price they actually worked out to be the same price or more than the brand name baby wipes.   The baby wipes  run between 2 and 3 cents a wipe, and the same for the home-made.  I found that the pre-made store bought general purpose cleaning wipes run around 4 cents a wipe.

So my penny minding mission was accomplished and a simple less learned.  Just because I “think” I’m saving money, doesn’t mean I am.  These wipes are only a money saver when I can purchase my supplies on sale.

Home-made Cleaning Wipes Recipe


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Two years ago I was an IT professional doing a variety of work such as web design and database programming then along came baby number 1 and it all changed. I gave it all up to be a stay-at-home-mom, and couldn't be happier.


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